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Club Event #3 Lake Calumet/Cal Sag

















Club Tournament #3 Cal Sag/Lake Calumet

This is one to put in the books. We had a great turnout and some nice bags weighed in, but after all were done, Nick Koehne was on top of the ladder with a weight of 12.29 lbs, taking first place with the club. 2nd Place went to Kris Gaertner at 9.96 lbs, 3rd Place Garret Guthrie at 8.64 lbs and 4th Place Jerry Sandretto at 7.66 lbs. Big Bass was Garret at 3.37 lbs. Everyone came in with fish and it was a hot one out there. But nobody gave up or passed out so we had a good event. Next event, Mill Creek, hope to see you out there!