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The San Diego Jam Knot


The San Diego Jam Knot

Originated by saltwater anglers fishing the productive waters off Southern Baja aboard San Diego’s long-range sportfishing boats, this knot is an ideal choice for tying on jigs and lures when using mono, fluorocarbon or braid.  While it’s not well known outside of this region, the San Diego Jam is an excellent knot that’s strong, reliable and easy to tie. It can also be tied quickly, which is a key factor during a hot bite.  Once you’ve followed the necessary steps to tie this knot, it’s recommended that you secure the jig or lure to a fixed object and pull hard to ensure that the knot is fully set and secure.


Step 1

Thread the end of the line through the eye of the jig or lure.  If you’re tying on a heavy lure, let it hang down or pinch hook between your little finger and the palm of your opposite hand.


Step 2

Next, loop the tag end of the line over your index finger and make seven wraps around the double line down toward the eye.


Step 3

Take the tag end of the line and feed it between the double lines below the last wrap. Bring the tag back to the loop made by your index finger, run it through from below & remove your finger.


Step 4

After moistening the lines, pull the tag end tight and slide the knot close to the eye. Clip off any excess line at the tag end of the knot.

So the next time you don't know what to do with that mono, fluoro or braid, give this knot a try and you'll be set, secure and ready to land a lunker!